Published annually since 1994, the Gay Press Report compiles all advertising activity and spending in the LGBT press for the current year. The report includes all known publications in the United States that exclusively target the LGBT market, regardless of representation by Rivendell. Please feel free to download copies of past reports from the archive below.

We track all national ads in every gay, lesbian and HIV/AIDS publication in the US and Canada

Print and Digital Information

Rivendell Media represents 94% of gay and lesbian and HIV/AIDS publications. We also represent a host of digital properties, starting with the publications’ websites but also including standalone sites, digital networks, and mobile options. If you need to know what is available, call or e-mail us with your agency name, address and complete contact information, and the markets you are interested in. We will provide a complete list, including rates, circulation, frequency, and type of publication as well as what we would recommend for the type of advertiser. We will provide this information for all publications whether we represent them or not.

Ad Tracking Reports

We track all national ads in every gay, lesbian and HIV/AIDS publication in the US and Canada. We have the following categories and many others: Pharmaceuticals; Alcohol and Spirits; Airlines, Cruises, and Travel Transport; Travel Services and Tourism; Hotels, Resorts and Lodging; Auto Sales and Services; Financial and Insurance; Apparel and Fashion Brands; Beverages; Cigarettes, Tobacco, and Anti-Smoking; Entertainment; Computers and Electronics; Education; Fitness and Health; Food Services and Restaurants; Online Services and Social Sites; Condoms and Lubricants; Grocery Stores, Pharmacies & Convenience Stores; Hair Products, Body Products, and Personal Hygiene; Non-Profits; Phone, Internet, and Cable; and Pet Products.

These are available free to agencies that use us. If you are pitching an account, we will still provide the reporting for free as long as we know who the client is. All information is kept confidential. Just click on the form button and fill out the form to get your free reports. Or just call us at 908.232.2021.

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