Todd Evans has been involved with the gay and lesbian press for many years, first working for and then taking over as President and CEO of Rivendell Media.

Rivendell, founded in 1979, represents most gay and lesbian publications and web properties in the United States and Canada for national advertising. In 2001, Todd purchased Q Syndicate, the leading content provider for gay and lesbian media, and he maintains a partnership in that company to this day. Todd is also publisher of the gay media industry newsletter, Press Pass Q. As the leading expert in gay and lesbian media, Todd brings his incomparable level of experience to both clients and publications alike.

He can be reached at todd@rivendellmedia.com.



We are the leading gay and lesbian media placement company in the United States and Canada.

For over 35 years, we have been helping advertising agencies, media companies and advertisers successfully reach the gay market.

All of our services and research are free to you when you place advertising with Rivendell.

We work DIRECTLY for the publications & digital properties we represent.

We make your media buy easy and simple. One bill…one insertion order…200 publications & digital properties.


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  • We simplify the invoice process

  • We make sure the ads run as scheduled

  • We supply art specs, deadlines and tear sheets / screenshots / reporting

  • We quote the most current rates

  • Rates are always agency commissionable

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